Dean Spanley – “After After-Life”

Peter O'TollDean Spanley 

Directed By: Toa Fraser, 2009

JOHN: This movie started out slow, incredibly slow, and then went places no one would expect to a Bravo climax. It is the kind of movie experience I haven’t had in years. And until it happened, I didn’t realize what I had been missing.

SPANKY: I agree. And if a dog had been directing this, it couldn’t have been any better.

JOHN: The Netflix description talks about the afterlife, swamis, Edwardian gentlemen, the Boar War, but don’t let that put you off. This is about love, grief, life. And the journey takes you there, ready or not.

SPANKY: The photography is excellent. And Peter O’Toole, doesn’t have to do anything really, just look at the camera with those big tear-filled eyes and we get it.

JOHN: Not only is this a good movie, but there is real truth here. We experience our finest emotions with our dogs…

SPANKY: Thanks, John.

JOHN: And they help us understand human relationships. No, why hasn’t a movie ever tried to do this for adults before? Now it’s no longer necessary.

5 BARKS (out of 5); 5 GOs (out of 5)



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