Inside Llewyn Davis – “Out of Tune”

Devil's Lake 2013Inside Llewyn Davis 

JOHN: This is one of the worst movies I have seen in years.

SPANKY: And you’ve probably seen some bad ones, I know I have.

JOHN: It played at the Sundance in Madison for maybe a week. I wanted to go because, not only was it a Coen brother’s movie, but also it was about a folk singer in Greenwich Village at the start of the sixties. I went there in 1959 to be a folk singer myself.

SPANKY: And that’s how you came to do a movie review blog today…

JOHN: Getting back to the movie. It missed the whole point of the folk music movement—that we can all participate. We didn’t need celebrities. We could speak (sing) for ourselves. Everyone in those clubs believed that (and I went to the Gaslight and Gate of Horn) as did Bob Dylan, Bill Cosby (I saw him perform to a room of one table of drunks before going on the Tonight Show a week later and taking off, Judy Collins and others. Some of us could sing, others couldn’t, but we all thought we were special.

SPANKY: Llewyn Davis can sing, but, I see what you mean. He acts like he’ll be a star and the gist of the film is his disappointment at not making it.

JOHN: Aside from that, I didn’t even see any of the irony and sarcasm of most Coen films. There was nothing except some great photography of driving through snow at night.

SPANKY:  Consider yourself lucky, John. Not only did you not make it as a folky in NYC but you didn’t have to pay eight bucks to see this at the Sundance Theater.

1 Bark out of 4, 0 GOs out of 4


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