Boyhood – “Grow Up”

BoyhoodSPANKY: I have never seen a more realistic movie, and I don’t mean it was just the actors growing over 12 years of filming.

JOHN: Perhaps, but I thought it felt a little too much like real life, I mean not going anwhere.

SPANKY: But it was interesting to watch people growing older. They repeated mistakes (marriages) they (and we) had already gone through.

JOHN: I preferred Before Midnight, if only it was dealing with a finite set of relationships and trying to come to conclusions about them.

SPANKY: Same director, but this time it seemed to me even more real.

I give it: 3 Barks out of 4 

JOHN: Well, it was different, but I was glad when it was over. I used to think Patricia Arquette was hot. I guess we all got older.

 2 GOs out of 4


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