PAGE TURNER – Browsings by Michael Dirda



JOHN: This is a remarkable group of magazine columns on older books.

SPANKY: So, what do you remember? What do you take away from reading this?

JOHN: No specifics. Maybe there is one classic in a thousand I actually read, but the author presents the wold of books, browsing and used book stores. I is past but he lets us remember and wish for it again.

SPANKY: Check out your own book shelves. How many of these volumes have you gone back to, why do you keep them decorating your walls?

JOHN: Maybe that’s it. We always want more. Believe the next novel will be like our past discoveries. And when its not, we remember that prior book, reading that prior book discussing that prior book. Our idealized self.


JOHN: And, for a moment, we have someone who shared this view, and we feel we’re in heaven.5-out-of-5_edited-1

“Heaven itself will resemble a vast used bookstore, with a really good cafe in one corner, serving Guinness and kielbasa to keep up one’s strength while browsing. And all my old friends will be there.” – Michael Dirda

SPANKY: Sorry, I just don’t relate.


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