STAY by Allie Larkin – You’ll Want To


JOHN: The cover is misleading. Oh, there’s a dog in the story but mostly it’s about a woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend for the wealthy daughter of woman who the narrator’s own mother worked for. 

The narrator gets drunk and buys a 100 lb puppy of the internet for $5,000 from Slovackia. She falls in love with the dog’s American vet.

SPANKY: I like it that you choose a book with a dog on the cover.

JOHN: The vet eventually drops her and the non-English understanding dog is all she has.

SPANKY: The End.

JOHN: No, just when I’d about given up on the woman she has it out with the guy’s new wife and her mother (who was friends with her mother even though she worked for her).

There are stories festering under a rather formulaic plot and the last hundred pages deal with these in a very meaningful way.

SPANKY: So things turn out.

JOHN: Maybe even better than we ever imagined they would (though she also wants to make amends with the vet). 





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