The Lady Who Sang High “Not a Life Changer”


The Lady Who Sang High by Renee Pawlish

JOHN: This series has a lot going for it. It takes place in Denver and the process of growing weed is one not familiar to most readers. Also the undercover detective is a big film noir fan and we get a touch of that throughout (but not enough to put off non-noir people). Also there are his neighbors, The Goofball Brothers, who don’t have much of a role but are an entertaining contrast when they do. Then there is a computer “hacker” kept at a distance for technically challenged readers. And Reed Furguson’s disparigning parents who are coming for a visit and his live-in girl friend.


JOHN: The book keeps going but doesn’t change my life.

SPANKY: So your saying that despite everything, turn-offs and turn-ons that keep the plot going, when it is over and nothing has changed for you, therefore the book has not accomplished what you expected.

JOHN: Nothing has changed me.



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