Are you sure this is how Orson Welles got his start?      



2 responses to “SPANKY / JOHN

  1. Got this link from my significant other, Charles R. I like your site. I am also a huge movie fan. I will be back. Spanky didn’t like Juno? He IS opinionated.

    I’m glad you like the title!

    My DVD of the week:

    FROZEN RIVER (no Hollywood glam in this powerful indy film, Just great acting. JR, Waukesha, WI

  2. JR of Waukesha watches too many movies, knows the names of all the BIG and little stars, and in never wrong about his favorites. DO what JR says. Here is a poem I wrote inspired by JR:


    They never mattered to me. They wear pants with zippers,
    tie their shoes, have two ears, teeth, bad breath – just like me.
    What’s the big deal?

    She didn’t know of my past life around people named: Keitel,
    Foster, Hopper, Costner, Arkin, Penn, Tarantino and Travolta.

    Elaine was giddy “I’m in Heaven!” she squeaked.

    “That’s why I brought you to LA. honey buns.” I demurred.

    I was working hard to exceed her expectations. I admit,
    I’d fallen short a few times. But at middle age I had learned
    the value of turning off the TV and giving my girl some fun
    – her kind of fun.

    I sipped the champagne and held her purse. “I’ve never seen
    so many celebrities,” she said snapping pictures.

    “Hey babe, there’s Fay Dunaway.” Or, “Oh, there’s Robert
    Downey, Jr.” I spotted stars like they were lunar constellations
    waltzing down the runway, bellying up to the bar, and blowing air

    Elaine was ravenous. A celebrity cannibal. “I can’t believe
    I am here. Oh my god, you’re so cute.”

    Her frenzy lasted six hours; and even after she fell asleep, she was
    still smiling. She was drunk with happiness (and she doesn’t drink).

    Me? I hate awards dinners, I hate wearing a jacket and tie,
    I hate air travel, and I tolerate champagne. But that day Elaine
    knew I did it all for her.

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