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Boyhood – “Grow Up”

BoyhoodSPANKY: I have never seen a more realistic movie, and I don’t mean it was just the actors growing over 12 years of filming.

JOHN: Perhaps, but I thought it felt a little too much like real life, I mean not going anwhere.

SPANKY: But it was interesting to watch people growing older. They repeated mistakes (marriages) they (and we) had already gone through. Continue reading


Before Midnight – “Top of the List”

Before Midnight


Directed By: Richard Linklater, 2013

John:  This is a movie that has changed my life. How many times have I said that? Paris Texas, Bergman’s Persona, Manhattan, The Hustler. I can’t even think of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as actors reciting lines. They express what we feel but lack the ability to Continue reading