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Boyhood – “Grow Up”

BoyhoodSPANKY: I have never seen a more realistic movie, and I don’t mean it was just the actors growing over 12 years of filming.

JOHN: Perhaps, but I thought it felt a little too much like real life, I mean not going anwhere.

SPANKY: But it was interesting to watch people growing older. They repeated mistakes (marriages) they (and we) had already gone through. Continue reading


Scoop – “Magic Trick”


SPANKY: Nice to watch a movie we just sat through a few months ago.

JOHN: But don’t really remember, because…

SPANKY: Because you were so taken with Scarlet Johansson you didn’t remember anything else.

JOHN: This is a Woodly Allen movie in which he was breaking away from Manhattan. He plays a two-bit magician and Scarlet’s would-be father. Continue reading

Lost in Translation – “Found”


Lost in Translation  

SPANKY: You watched this because, of…

JOHN: Scarlett Johansson, yes, not Bill Murray—even though he is from my hometown of Chicago. And I have been to Tokyo and Kyoto, equally lost as the two of them.

SPANKY: So, Sofia Coppola could have just shot a movie of you and saved herself a lot of money?

JOHN: If acting didn’t matter, Continue reading