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Now You See Me – “Movie Magic.”

Now You See Me 

Now You See Me

Directed by Louis Leterrier, 2013

John:  There are three types of movies. 1) Thought-provoking ones that often end in an unexpected way to throw the meaning and significance of the theme on the shoulders of the viewer. Think Ingmar Bergman…Felini.

Spanky: We wouldn’t waste our time on these, right John? Continue reading


SOLITARY MAN – “One-Man Show Reeks of Life-Lessons No One Needs”

Solitary Man—Brian Koppelman, David Levien, directors, 2009

Where’s Rodney Dangerfield when you need him?

 Spanky: an annoying script of phony scenarios about an over-the-hill braggart. Why would anybody care, much less pay the price of admission? Looking around the theater audience, John was the only over-sixties, straight guy, and even he spent most of the time in the lobby haggling over the price of buttered pop corn. Continue reading

THE SOCIAL NETWORK—“Let the Hacking Begin”

The Social Network, David Fincher  director, 2010 

JOHN: There are the running up and down stairs of undergraduate days, a flashy Justin Timberlake who represents some kind of a twisted American dream and, of course, Facebook—more familiar to most of us than the remote control of our TV sets (and just a little less useful). I love a poem, movie or book whose title takes on more meaning after you finish it. Do we even think what “social network” means? You will Continue reading