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Inside Llewyn Davis – “Out of Tune”

Devil's Lake 2013Inside Llewyn Davis 

JOHN: This is one of the worst movies I have seen in years.

SPANKY: And you’ve probably seen some bad ones, I know I have.

JOHN: It played at the Sundance in Madison for maybe a week. I wanted to go because, not only was it a Coen brother’s movie, but also it was about a folk singer in Greenwich Village at the start of the sixties. I went there in 1959 to be a folk singer myself. Continue reading


THE SOCIAL NETWORK—“Let the Hacking Begin”

The Social Network, David Fincher  director, 2010 

JOHN: There are the running up and down stairs of undergraduate days, a flashy Justin Timberlake who represents some kind of a twisted American dream and, of course, Facebook—more familiar to most of us than the remote control of our TV sets (and just a little less useful). I love a poem, movie or book whose title takes on more meaning after you finish it. Do we even think what “social network” means? You will Continue reading